Welcome to the Swedish Museums Association

Bild på utställning Foto: Anna Gerdin, Tekniska Museet

Swedish Museums Association

We work to safeguard and further the communal interests of the museum sector. The association was founded in December 2004 on the initiative of the joint working councils for the national museums, county museums and municipal museums. We are a non-profit association and our activities are financed through membership fees, some public support and through specific projects which receive external finance. Today we have more than 240 members, mainly full museum organization members but also some twenty associate members.


Membership cards, networks and knowledge buildning

The Association's membership card allows all employees free entyr to all member museums. This contributes to promoting cooperation and coordination. We organize Sweden´s largest national museum conference every year, with participants from all over the country. Two ongoing leadership projects aim work with knowledge development for instance concerning sustainability.

We also coordinate and support national and international cooperation activities. This is done partly through the Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO,

Through our website, inforced by social media, we strive to keep our members up to date on news, job opportunities and coming events.


Museum advocacy

Although important in society, Swedish museums must have a strong clear voice when dealing with various interest groups, including politicians, other decision-makers and the media. The Association's focus on promotion and museum advocacy involves participating in state research projects, issuing opinions and replying to consultations, issuing press releases, providing information and holding discussions with interest groups. All have an overall effect on museum issues in various ways.