Vi har fått ett upprop via NEMO (Network of European Museums Organizations) från ukrainska museikollegorna som vi här vill sprida. Det handlar om akuta behov för museipersonal och museer i krigets Ukraina.


Dear NEMO members,

More than one month has passed since the start of the war in Ukraine. We are devastated to follow the developments and hope for the safety of everyone in Ukraine as well as for those fleeing the country. We are impressed of the solidarity and how quickly people and museums got organised to offer support for Ukraine. We regularly update our page of museum support for Ukraine:

In case you want to contribute to the help on the ground, we would like to point your attention to the Ukraine based Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI). They are collecting donations and working hard on coordinating protection for museums, staff and their families as well as cultural heritage objects. HERI has shared a list of current needs with us, and we would like to share it with you together with the encouragement to, if you are able to, please consider donating to HERI.

HERI representative Vasyl Rozhko is available to answer questions per email:

75 museums from 16 regions in Ukraine (excluding the western regions, which are comparatively safer) answered to HERI’s questionnaire on needs. The list is regularly updated online and the attached list shows the needs as of 24 March 2022. Current needs include amongst others:

  • Financial support for museum and cultural sector staff in emergency situations.
  • Mobile phone payment for the staff working on saving and protecting cultural heritage from destruction.
  • Generators and fuel.
  • Packing materials (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, craft packing roll paper, stretch film, corrugated cardboard rolls, envelopes, waterproof pack bags etc.).
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Sacks for sand.
  • Payment for cloud storage services.

HERI collects resources, including money, to cover the museums’ needs and communicates with those museums directly. The list includes price estimates of the different items to give an overview of the overall budget that is needed to efficiently help the Ukrainian museums and museum professionals. The page and list are also available in Ukrainian.

Donations in EUR can be sent to the bank details below. The account belongs to Tustan NGO, which is one of the co-founders of HERI. Because of the war, it has been impossible for HERI to register as a new organisation and open its own bank account. Donations in dollars and Ukrainian Hryvnia are also possible. Find more details about donations and wire transfer in the attached document.

Name account holder: Tustan NGO
Street: Tchaikovsky, house 17
City and postal code: 79000, Lviv region, Lviv city,
Country Ukraine
International Bank Account Number: UA 55 325365 0000002600301609010
Additional Information:
(for example: Routing number/ ABA- number for USA)

Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI) is a newly founded initiative working with the aim of preserving cultural heritage in warzones and its post-crisis recovery. Right now, the focus is on Ukraine and all HERI activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Information Police of Ukraine, UNESCO, ICOM, ICOM-DRMC, ICCROM and other institutions and rescue initiatives in Ukraine and worldwide.

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