hd_building_2_meg_ b. glauserUnder prisceremonin i Zagreb, Kroatien, den 6 maj 2017 presenterade European Museum Forum (EMF) Årets Europeiska Museum 2017. MEG - Museum of Ethnography i Genève, Schweiz, fick motta utmärkelsen under fyrtioårsjubileet för priserna European Museum of the Year Award och the Council of Europe Museum Prize, två av de mest prestigefulla priserna i Europa som syftar till att uppmärksamma de europeiska museernas förträfflighet och uppmuntra till innovativ museiverksamhet som kommer samhället till nytta.

Motiveringen löd (engelska):
This is an excellent example of a living museum and a multicultural story open to everybody. After more than one hundred years since its first opening, MEG has been able to successfully transform its mission and approach its audience in a new way. Indeed, the two main guidelines driving MEG are multiculturalism and an interdisciplinary approach. The museum’s enormous ethnographical collections from all over the world are almost completely accessible online and are displayed in the most unbiased way, letting the objects speak for themselves as much as possible.

Commitment to diversity leads MEG to continue ethnographical research worldwide, on the one hand, and to plan socially engaging museum programmes in collaboration with other institutions on the other.

The museum’s entire performance is based on the belief that the protection and safeguarding of cultural diversity and the heritage of different cultures must be transmitted to the broadest audience possible.


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